Specialist Services

Our client base operates across a broad range of industries including manufacturing, engineering, wholesale, construction, electronics and Professional Services.

Some of our Specialist Services includes

Tyre and Rubber Industries

We have worked closely with the tyre and rubber industry for over 10 years.

We have built up an understanding of the needs of this sector, developing a range of benefits to support the members of approved trade associations.

Many insurers remain nervous about assisting tyre and rubber companies, often due to outdated views about the trade processes and risks. Our experience and knowledge help insurers better understand the risks, allowing members to benefit from a wider selection of reputable insurers.

We are proud to be the approved broker to:

Charities and Not for Profit sector

We specialise in providing insurance and risk management services to the charity and Not for Profit sectors including:

We provide help and support to many different types of organisations including those involved in care, education, arts, culture and heritage.
Care and medical sector
We provide a fully managed service, advice and support to businesses in the care and medical sectors including:


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