We can help you boldly go to work with your wearable tech

Monday, May 2 2016

Fifty years ago when Captain Kirk spoke masterfully into his wrist communicator, we watched in awe as if that technology was a lifetime or two away.

Fast forward a few wobbly sets and spacebound missions and today experts predict that by 2018 over 250 million smart wearables will be in use, 14 times more than just three years ago.

The growth in wearable technology – from Captain Kirk style wrist watches, to the smartphone – is set to revolutionise how we conduct our personal lives and how we do business.

But that does carry risks – most notably the loss of personal / professional data, financial losses and security breaches.

As more people use this wearable tech for wok and pleasure, there is also an increase risk in losing or having important sensitive data taken.

While they may offer a string of benefits to your business and the staff who wear them such as faster communication, more efficient working while out and about and many more. But watches, phones and other transportable devices have the same access to information as a laptop or a static PC.

But staying safe is about understanding the risks and taking simple precautions.

And of course, insurance. Having the right insurance in place can safe a lot of hassle.