Supporting the people behind employees

Monday, April 3 2017

It’s easy to forget about the people behind employees.

Many staff have challenges and pressures away from work. And if they’re not understood by employers, that can have a massive impact on the business.

In many cases the peak of someone’s career just happens to be the time when they’re most needed to provide some form of care to an elderly relative.

Three million people in the UK combine paid work with caring for a disabled, older or ill family member or friend, but struggle with the lack of support and awareness about caring from employers, according to research.

Employers can help themselves by understanding the needs of staff away from work which will help foster happiness, commitment and loyalty and many other attributes in an employee for good working relations.

They can also look at providing flexible working arrangements, workplace networks for support, back up support for time away from work, signposting to professional help and support and much more.

The older population in the UK is constantly growing which means the issue is going to get bigger and businesses have to get ahead of the curve.

Financial planning to support business continuity in severe and often unseen cases is a must. This can be done by having robust and supporting insurance policies to help support your business.