Social media – understanding the risks to your business

Wednesday, March 1 2017

Social media is changing the way we communicate with customers and businesses.

Businesses can now speak to world faster than ever before and reach people in an instant.

That has huge implications for firms not only selling their products and services but listening to what their customers want.

But that sort of power doesn’t come without a catch.

The risks associated with social media area great, and risk is something we know a lot about!

Messages are permanent and reputations can be severely damaged quickly by a ‘rogue’ message.

Businesses also need to consider unauthorised disclosure of confidential information, infringement of intellectual property rights, and liability for discriminatory, bullying or defamatory comments posted by employees and many more.

That’s why it is essential for any company with corporate social media feeds in place to have clear and robust policies in place.

Businesses need to ask themselves:

Not having some guidelines in policy form in place could have disastrous effects on the business if something goes wrong.

It could include law suits, loss of business, damage to reputation and much more.

At Gravity Risk Services we have lots of experience in protecting businesses in case something goes wrong. We tailor the perfect package for you.