Putting your feet up is the new ‘lighting up’

Monday, October 31 2016

Putting your feet up has always and will always be a temptation but according to the latest figures too much could be doing more harm than good.

Sitting around is a key factor in piling on the pounds which has far more disastrous effects than simply adding another notch on the belt.

Figures reveal that in the UK 74 per cent of men are overweight and 64 per cent of women. According to Cancer Research charity more than 1 in 20 cancers in the UK are linked to being overweight or obese.

It seems that putting your feet up is as bad as lighting up when it comes to cancer.

Long hours in front of the TV and computer, or a particularly sedentary job can have disastrous effects on people’s health later in life.

It is now thought that sitting for over six hours a day for a decade or two, can deny us seven quality years of life. It increases our risk of dying of heart disease by 84 per cent, and our overall risk of prostate or breast cancer, by 30per cent.

That’s bad news for businesses who have staff wellbeing to consider.

Getting staff to take a break from their work, out into the fresh air and active, can have huge beneficial effects on both their body and mind and the business.

The changes don't need to be dramatic ones or cost the earth.

It has long been recognised that being active makes us happier, and that leads to more productive staff. It’s as important as eating healthily and getting enough sleep. Investing in these areas will undoubtedly have a positive effect on the business.

Top tips include:

What would the effects be on your business if staff were unable to work due to illness? Obviously, sympathies lie with the employee but what about your lost production? Talk to your Gravity insurance advisor about various ways of protecting your business against unforeseen employee absence.