Don’t get it in the neck from the whiplash fraudsters

Tuesday, March 8 2016

Fraudulent claims for whiplash are becoming a pain in the neck for drivers and insurance brokers across the country.

There has been a dramatic rise in the number of fraudulent claims for whiplash which leaves honest drivers out of pocket each year to the tune of around £90 extra on their premium.

It’s big business for the fraudsters who rake in millions of pounds a year from the con.

But insurance experts like us at Insure & Support are fighting back. We offer a range of bespoke insurance packages for drivers to help guard against this growing crime. Here are our top tips to help you remain in the driving seat and keep you ahead of the curve against the con men.

Top tips:

If you are involved in an incident:


We can help guard against this crime by offering expert advice and tailored insurance packages – whether you’re driving for work or pleasure.

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